Married Metals

I had a fantastic time in Australia at a Summer School in January practicing a technique called married metals. This technique involves cutting out shapes from sheet metal (in my case 925 silver) then replacing the cut out shape with a different coloured metal or metals. These metals are then all soldered together, filed and sanded back smooth. It is a really subtle but very beautiful effect. I have just finished one piece I started at the Summer School and it will be featured along side three other pendants in the’Inscape’ exhibition in March. Pictured is my first finished piece of married metal entitled ‘Longing’ by Deanna Gracie.

married4.jpg  As well as jewellery making the Summer School covered a wide variety of Craft and Art disciplines including collage, wood turning, puppet making…. It was great to be surrounded by creative people passionate about their chosen field, all in one place at one time to learn, expand their horizons and have fun! I met some wonderful and really clever people there.

4 responses to “Married Metals

  1. wow, this is beautiful!

  2. Thanks Claire!
    : – )

  3. Can you make your rings a larger size ?
    Lets say from a 5mm to a 7mm.

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