Some of my jewellery….

Here are a few of my favourite pieces that I have made recently.


Aotearoa/Aroha Pendant – Aotearoa means New Zealand and Aroha means Love in Maori……The pendant is made of 925 silver, red gold and the stone is an iolite.


Walks by the ocean often inspire the jewellery I create. I love observing the changing tides and watching the fascinating bird life. For part of the year Christchurch plays host to the migratory Godwit. The Godwits travel from Siberia and apparently make the longest non stop migration of any known bird. This bracelet is inspired by these amazing little birds.


Pendant – entitled ‘Maui’s Fish’ by Deanna Gracie – which is my interpretation of the Maori myth Maui and how he caught the fish which turned into Aotearoa. It is made of sterling silver, titanium, 18ct gold, amber – Size is 45mm x 41mm

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