Inscape Exhibition….

This is the poster for the new INSCAPE exhibition being held at ConneXion Gallery, Christchurch, New Zealand in March. I am feature artist and will showcase some of my new married metal designs including the pendant image on the poster entitled ‘Longing For Home”.

Inscape Jewellery exhibition

Media Release


Established Artist, Deanna Gracie, Brings a Refreshingly Different Approach, to an Age Old Craft at ConneXion Gallery in Christchurch, New Zealand.

In this group exhibition, Deanna Gracie reveals her exquisite married metal “scenes in nature” to the jewellery world.

Deanna’s ‘Longing’ series consists of four married metal pendant designs. Married metals involves cutting out shapes from 925 sterling silver sheet, then replacing the cut out shape with a different coloured metal or metals. These metals are then all soldered together, filed and sanded back smooth. “Married metals is a challenging and labour intensive technique, but well worth persevering with, in order to achieve this subtle but very beautiful effect. It really suits my natural, New Zealand inspired designs.”

On the 1st of March at 10.00am, Inscape will be showcased at ConneXion Gallery, at the Arts Centre in Christchurch and will then run for the entire month.
Image as pictured – Three Married metal pendants from the Longing Series. 925 sterling silver, gilding, titanium, monel

2 responses to “Inscape Exhibition….

  1. Good luck with your show! Your technique sounds complicated but the results are stunning!

  2. Hey thanks! I’m really pleased with them and have been working with this technique again – on some more pendants for the ‘Home’ exhibition in April – I will be using the koru design again : – ) I’ll post some images in the next few weeks. I hope you’re having a great week!

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