Featured Design #1

Each week I will feature a piece of jewellery from my range. The first featured design is ‘Longing Pendant#2’. This series evolved after a recent trip to Australia when I was pining for home. I wanted to represent in an abstract way these feelings and longings. This pendant is hand fabricated from 925 sterling silver, gilding metal, nickle silver, titanium and 18ct gold rivets. The Size is 50mm x 28mm and is hung on a 45cm stg silver omega chain (not pictured). Although the piece looks simple – it is quite deceiving the amount of work that has gone into it. It covers a range of techniques including finely piercing the gulls out of the silver, marrying the silver with the gilding metal and nickle silver, then finally layering the waves on top by riveting them on. Married metals involves cutting out the mountains and trees from 925 sterling silver sheet, then replacing these cut out shapes with the gilding metal and nickle silver. These replacement metals are then all soldered into the gaps cut out from the sterling silver, filed and sanded back smooth. This piece is available for sale for NZ$395 + P+P You can contact me by email at d-gracie@ihug.co.nz

Thanks for visiting : -)

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