On the Surface – New Jewellery Exhibition

‘River and Shore’ Pendant design by Deanna Gracie

Do you want to email me about this design? d-gracie@ihug.co.nz

Four new jewellery designs from Deanna Gracie’s ‘River and Shore’ series will feature in the latest group exhibition at ConneXion Gallery in Christchurch during July. Each piece will include two intriguing textures – one invented by the Japanese called mokume-gane and the other was discovered by chance by Deanna in her studio many years ago. Mokume-gane meaning wood grain metal is made from multiple layers of sterling silver and copper. The hammer effect discovered by Deanna is created from sterling silver sheet and then darkened by a process called patination. The pendant pictured also features a gemstone called labradorite. ‘I love the way the light dances across this beautiful stone in such a playful way’.

Thanks for visiting : – )

2 responses to “On the Surface – New Jewellery Exhibition

  1. I love the jewellery – and the blog is clear and uncluttered which shows the sharp images at their best.

  2. Thanks for visiting – I appreciate the comments : – )

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