Joy`ance a celebration of joy through creativity…..

Deanna, Amie and Cassandra invite you to their exhibition of artworks created in beauty and…“with sheer joy!”

Wellington visual artists Cassandra Gaisford and Amie McCarron along with Christchurch jewellery artist Deanna Gracie have collaborated to bring you an exhibition of new works that expresses each one’s obvious feelings of joy. This they have done through the creating, and now the sharing of their artistry. You are invited to the opening preview to be held Friday 29th August at 128 Featherston Street in Wellington from 5:30pm-7:30pm. The artists welcome one and all to share in a joyful evening of beautiful visual art, jewellery, fashionwear by deNada, and superb New Zealand wine by Tohu Wines.

Deanna Gracie designs and creates contemporary jewellery from her home studio, in the beach side suburb of Southshore, Christchurch.
I find joy in the most simple of things; the perfect shape of a ginkgo leaf, the ebb and flow of the tide, patterns left on sand by wind and rain, the gentle call of a gull as it soars in the air. These experiences fill my soul to overflowing and I race to my studio to start the next piece.”

2008 for Wellington artist Cassandra Gaisford, has brought a sense of immense pride with the success achieved through recently entered art awards. Having become a finalist in the 2008 Adam’s Portrait award and the supreme winner of the 2008 Wai Art Awards, Cassandra has decided to share her joy alongside two other talented artists, for this most recent of exhibitions. Having participated in various overseas workshops including a Sumi Ink painting workshop in Hawaii with ex-pat artist, Max Gimblett, her latest works embrace the simplicity of pleasure and personal experiences that incite joy.
I am inspired by the East – particularly Buddhism, and the ancient art of calligraphy. As an intuitive artist with a passion for following my ‘inner joy’ I hope my work captures and celebrates the ‘life-giving’ aspects of art, and leaves viewers with a feeling of pleasure and contentment.”

In Joy’ance, Amie McCarron debut’s artworks resulting from her new found joy in encaustic painting; the ancient and beautiful medium of pigment in a beeswax and resin base. By building up layers of encaustic paint, sometimes scraping back to reveal the artworks history all the while fusing together with heat, Amie creates paintings with brilliant luminosity and a rich delicate opalescence.
“I find joy in the act of creating itself. Encaustic allows me to express myself without words, working intuitively and allowing the images to reveal themselves in a way that is unpredictable but honest. Within my paintings are colours of warmth and sensuous beauty added with the delicious scent of pure beeswax wafting from their surface.”

Opening: Friday 29th August, 5:30pm – 7:30pm
When: 30th August – 5th September, 10am – 5pm
Venue: 128 Featherston St, Wellington

“Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Picasso

3 responses to “Joy`ance a celebration of joy through creativity…..

  1. Just read about your joint exhibition, looking good Deanna – all the best with it!

  2. Thanks so much Beth – we’ve all been working really hard towards this goal and it’s very exciting!
    : – )

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