Photography and what a face!

I went for an early morning walk this morning – I didn’t really go by choice as it was bitterly cold, hailing and raining hard but the lonely dog next door waits for me to take him and I couldn’t let him down : – (

Anyway we got to the beach side of our walk and I found a weird piece of wood. I took it home and had to take a photograph of it! It’s shaped like a cone- but flat on top –  but what struck me as unusual when I picked it up was the odd looking face on one side! What do you think of it?

“Wooden face” by Deanna Gracie

2 responses to “Photography and what a face!

  1. I think that he is looking very happy to be found, at last, I guess! It is hard not to like him, with this smile he has. When I saw the picture at first, I was impressed about your wood-artwork, now that I understand that he have made himself, so to say, I am impressed about your ability of seeing and finding art in the nature. By the way, what do you call him?

  2. Thanks Birgitte – it’s a bit of fun : – )
    There is a face on the other side as well though not quite so clear – I will take a photo of it one day too! His name is Godfrey and an artist friend said I should make him my mascot : – )

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