A beautiful morning for my beach walk….

It’s a beautiful morning today – the sun is shining so I took the camera and Moses for a good long walk to clear the head and enjoy the sun – we haven’t seen much of it recently : – )

Anyway I found this worm on the beach – I feel it’s an odd place to see a worm but maybe they live in sand as well as soil…or maybe a bird dropped it – seems unlikely but anyway here is a “Beach Worm”

Moses was sitting waiting for me to throw his ball for the millionth time and I noticed the way our shadows had fallen on the sand – managed to get the shot before Moses moved! “Shadows” by Deanna Gracie

2 responses to “A beautiful morning for my beach walk….

  1. Oh, that doesn´t look like the right place to be, for this worm…but the picture is very much “beach”, I think everyone knows the feeling of having sand everywhere.

    Your dog is waiting so full of hope, so sweet.
    Good luck with your exhibition.

  2. Thanks Birgitte – I’m back from the exhibition now – it’s great to be home !
    Yes Moses does hope I will throw his ball more – even when he is chasing the last throw! It’s his favourite thing to do apart from racing through the waves : – )

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