Featured Jewellery Design #19


I went to a design workshop many years ago and one of the tips the tutor passed on to us to try to free up our drawings and take away the precise and laboured look was to draw an object blind. So I tried this technique with an amazing seed pod I found on one of my walks. I examined the pod, drew it carefully a number of times – then sped up the drawings and when I was confident I knew the pod inside and out I closed my eyes and drew it as I remembered it. This organic heart shape was the result of this technique. I have used my organic heart design many times since – sometimes emphasising the texture of the pod and sometimes not. “Aotearoa/Aroha” pendant #5 is made from softly textured sterling silver and copper and is imprinted with the word AROHA – this word means love in Maori. This pendant is part of the Rapture exhibition at ConneXion Gallery during September. It measures 39mm x 28mm and hangs on a 45cm stg silver omega chain (not pictured) and is for sale for NZ$295 + P&P.

Thanks for visiting!

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