How can we protect ourselves from negativity in our lives?

I have asked myself this question many times during my life and it has become very topical again for me now.
I find negativity rapidly drains energy and confidence. We are all unique and wonderful individuals and no one has the right to undermine anyone’s confidence in themselves or in the wonderful art they produce.
* So firstly we need to find a way to immediately boost our confidence. Positive affirmations are an excellent way to do this.
Some of mine are:
* I am entitled to be me
* I am entitled to be happy
* I am entitled to my dreams and aspirations
* I am entitled to be successful
* I am entitled to be the very best person/artist I can be

If for any reason someone doesn’t like me for the person I am, then that is their problem not mine!

Some other ways to protect myself from negative influences are:
* Finding joy in the most simple of things : – )
* One of these is getting back to nature with long walks on the beach – this helps me remember what I value most and what is actually real to me.
* Other tension relieving exercises I do aside from walking are things like yoga or playing my favourite music – this immediately lifts my spirits, or by having a stress relieving massage.
* Remembering to breathe properly – three long deep belly breaths in and four long deep belly breaths out. Shallow upper chest breathing creates tension in the body!
* By making something beautiful reinforces the fact I am a wonderful artist!
* Finding joy could also be as simple as watching a beautiful sunset, or a heron gracefully fishing in the shallow water of the estuary, a gull in flight, or a happy dog wading through the waves…. These to me are all soul enriching experiences and best of all they are free….The list is endless.

The power lies within you not to allow negative people to win…..
I would really appreciate your comments and especially If anyone has any other suggestions to help protect ourselves from negativity in our lives : – )

4 responses to “How can we protect ourselves from negativity in our lives?

  1. Excellent post – very timely for me too! I really loved your ideas to move on from negativity. I also find surrounding myself with inspiring, supportive, passionate people (like you!) very empowering and healing…as Mark Twain says:

    “Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.”
    Mark Twain, Author

  2. Hi Casssandra!
    Thanks for commenting!
    I appreciate your support and especially your very wise words. I love the Mark Twain quote!
    : – )
    btw – Good luck with your new Happy @ Work book launch in December!
    A little plug here for Cassandra – you can check out her website here at
    to see her wonderful mixed media artworks, photography, books and inspirational posts : – )

  3. What a beautifull sunset, Deanna.
    I will write more about your question, – it takes a little time to write it in english. But please drop any negative influense, send it far away. You deserve and need light, love and harmony to make these beautifull jewellery.

  4. Birgitte – you are a lovely, lovely lady and you touched my heart today : – )
    Thank you!

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