Featured Jewellery Design #21 – Gorgeous and unique Ocean and Land Bracelet


My featured design this week is ‘Ocean and Land’ bracelet. The bracelets I create are all made by hand, by me, in my studio in Christchurch, New Zealand – from start to finish using layering techniques to create a tactile 3D effect. I find myself subconsciously running my fingers over the contours of each piece whenever I wear my bracelet – perhaps as a form of meditation – who knows? Each component on the bracelets I create is different and is inspired by the colours and textures of the land and sea. Made by my heart and my hand no two bracelets are ever exactly the same.

You can contact me about this bracelet or any other item of jewellery on this weblog by email d-gracie@ihug.co.nz

or to view more bracelet designs by me ā€“ Deanna Gracie visit


Thanks for visiting : – )

4 responses to “Featured Jewellery Design #21 – Gorgeous and unique Ocean and Land Bracelet

  1. I love this bracelet .

  2. Thanks Birgitte šŸ™‚

  3. Gosh, i wish i could do this..it is amasing…my grandson is in Art in collage and has been doing jewery but this is the best of best…

  4. Thank you!
    These are really fun to make and I love finding new ways to incorporate texture into my bracelets : – )

    I’m sure your grandson will become hooked – just like I did! Good luck : – )

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