Aotearoa/Aroha Exhibition

After many hours of hard work and sleepless nights my solo exhibition is all set up and ready to go! I’m thrilled with the way it has all come together. Cloisters Gallery is a wonderful space to exhibit : – )  Aotearoa/Aroha exhibition is now being extended until Sunday November 16th in Cloisters Gallery, North Quad, The Arts Centre of Christchurch.

Here are some of the set up images of the exhibition – I’d love to see you there – Deanna : – )

4 responses to “Aotearoa/Aroha Exhibition

  1. It looks like a fine place to make an exhibition, – I would realy like to come…
    good luck.

  2. Thanks Birgitte : – ) It’s a fantastic space and I really wish you could come too!
    Your photographs would look amazing on the walls : – )

  3. Hi Deanna , I was really pleased I got in to see your exhibition it was Fantastic !! your jewellery is very beautiful I wish you well for the weekend and following week !! cheers Donna, oh by the way I look forward to collecting my new ring !!

  4. Thanks so much for all your support Donna ! I really appreciate it : – )
    You’re a wonderful lady and I’m also tickled pink I got to see your beautiful Heart-Land exhibition!
    Check out Donna’s blog to see what this talented Christchurch artist has been up to recently

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