Aotearoa/Aroha Exhibition continued….

I am thrilled to say Aotearoa/Aroha was a resounding success : – )

Many thanks to the wonderful people from all over the world who visited my exhibition at the Arts Centre in Christchurch recently. I loved meeting you all and it was fantastic so many of you ended up taking a special piece of jewellery as a memento from New Zealand home with you : – )

I got a spare minute to take some more images of the exhibition today.

The domes I have used for some of the jewellery display reflect upside down images of the photographs I have blown up and displayed on the back wall of the gallery! The reflection is such a happy surprise and looks awesome so I had to capture a shot of it!


The venue – Cloisters Gallery is in the North Quad of the historic Arts Centre here in Christchurch and I love the way such an old but incredibly beautiful building can showcase contemporary jewellery in such a wonderful way. The next two images are called Old/New



4 responses to “Aotearoa/Aroha Exhibition continued….

  1. Hi Deanna, the exhibition look fantastic! i love the very creative pics you’ve taken.

    I’ve just Tagged you πŸ™‚ click to my blog to follow the instructions, and have fun!

  2. Hope the exhibition is going well. Must have been very exciting to put together such an interesting show and the venue looks great. (also like the photographs you took)

    • Thanks Sandra! The exhibition is over now.
      I really enjoyed the experience and met some fantastic people from all over the world! Boy am I tired though as I have still been busy completing commission pieces I was asked to make during the exhibition : – )
      I hope everything is going well for you – I pop into your blog and have a look to see what you’re up to every so often – you’re doing some great work!
      Take care and keep smiling – Deanna

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