Featured jewellery design #24


I designed and created this landscape necklace for some lovely friends in England. It was a year in the making as she wanted to see different coloured stone combinations ‘in the flesh’ before it was finished. She decided on the gorgeous purply/blue iolite stones pictured. They came over to New Zealand on holiday and collected it this month and it will be presented to her soon as a special anniversary gift from her husband: – )

Landscape chain by Deanna Gracie consists of sterling silver, iolite, 18ct yellow gold, 9ct red gold and shibuichi (an alloy of copper and silver)

5 responses to “Featured jewellery design #24

  1. Heirloom of the future, beautiful.

  2. It’s a fantastic thought the jewellery I make will still be around long after I’m gone!
    Thank you : – )

    Your photography is beautiful – Spring must be just around the corner for you now – brrrr all that snow!

  3. Thanks for the link to your seed pod images – I loved them – it’s fantastic you see beauty in the same things I do!

    Hi Erika: – )
    Thank you!
    and thanks for dropping by : – )

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