Featured Jewellery Design #31


This ‘Aotearoa Aroha’ wide band ring is reminiscent of everything I love about living here in New Zealand. It’s made from sterling silver, red and yellow gold and green tourmaline. Summer to me means pohutukawa in full bloom, the gentle lap of the ocean, the horizon in the distance, stretching for miles with nothing to see except the deep green liquid colour of the sea. This ring is available in Size S only. Visit the rings page on my website at http://www.Deanna.co.nz to view the dimensions of this ring and other rings in my collection. All unique and all made by hand!

Thanks for visiting : – )

3 responses to “Featured Jewellery Design #31

  1. I wondered if you had seen the work of Karl Blossfeldt? I think you would like his photos. There are some links in this post.

  2. No I hadn’t seen his work. I think it’s amazing and thanks so much for sending me the link! Wow you made my day this morning looking at his wonderful botanical images : – )

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