Featured Jewellery Design #33


I adore using texture and colour in the jewellery I create. With ‘Regeneration Pendant #3’ I was able to create a lovely contrast with softly textured silver set against the hints of colour from the deep blue titanium appearing through in places. I then added another dimension to the piece with a beautiful Australian opal set in red gold sitting next to a tiny fallen leaf. Although the image doesn’t show this very well – the opal has beautiful rainbow colours running through it.

‘Regeneration Pendant #3’ by Deanna Gracie is inspired by nature and crafted by hand in sterling silver, 18ct yellow gold, 9ct red gold and opal. It is quite a large piece at 63mm x 26mm and hangs horizontally across the body on a 45cm sterling silver omega chain (not pictured). Visit my website at http://www.Deanna.co.nz to see more designs

Thanks for visiting!

2 responses to “Featured Jewellery Design #33

  1. Your jewellery is small depots of love, and one gets new energy just to come to this blog and take a look.

    I would like to mention your work at my own blog, and bring a photo. What do you say, is it OK, or du you prefer to keep the photos here?

    Strange to think about that you are preparing for autumn, now that we are for spring…I hope you have had a nice summer, that make you looking foreward to the nice autumn colors, and cosy winter evenings in front of the fire 🙂

  2. Thanks for visiting and leaving such heart warming comments Birgitte! Your wonderful images on your blog are real food for the soul and I would be honoured for you to mention and show my work there : – )
    Summer was magnificent here – it seemed to go on forever : – ) I’m enjoying my walks in the crisp morning air as a sunny day usually follows! Autumn is such a wonderful time of year : – )

    I hope you have a lovely weekend *

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