Commissioned rings – Featured Jewellery Design #39


Instead of a featured jewellery design I thought I would show a selection of rings – so here are a few examples of special ring commissions I have made for clients over the past year. Some are wedding and engagement rings, some are commitment rings and some are birthday gifts – but all are tokens and expressions of love or friendship. These rings have all been hand made by me in precious metals and have been sent all over the world including France, America and England!

Thanks for visiting! – Deanna Gracie

4 responses to “Commissioned rings – Featured Jewellery Design #39

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    • I’m very happy to have met such lovely people and at such a special moment in their lives.
      Check out Megan’s beautiful the white mist blog to find out what rings they decided on in October : – )

  2. Those are beautiful and special rings, each in its own style. I like your art a lot !

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