I’m always learning – Mauri Ora course

I wanted a challenge (there is more to life than evenings in front of the television) and decided to do some studying in my spare time. Coincidentally I noticed an advertisement for a distance learning course called Mauri Ora. Intrigued I investigated further and became quite excited as this course is very much on a par with everything I value in life both spiritually and emotionally. I have now made a commitment to learn and understand all I can about Maori and New Zealand culture and also about cherishing the beautiful natural environment in this wonderful land called Aotearoa – land of the long white cloud.

I wanted to share this:

Tikanga means “By my practice, you will know mw”  and is a saying that illustrates – it is what we do (tikanga) that determines who we are – and how true this is. You may also know this saying “actions speak louder than words”.

I’ll keep you posted on any special things I learn over the coming year but in the meantime here are some images we have taken previously on road trips around the South Island of New Zealand.

Thanks for visiting!

Deanna Gracie : – roadtrip.jpg-

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