Jewellery with Heart on display in Christchurch during September….


Evocative, heartfelt designs from Deanna Gracie’s “Pathways to Aroha” series are on display in the ‘Heart’ exhibition at ConneXion Gallery during the month of September. Overlapping pathways have been imprinted onto a solid, sterling silver organic heart shape in Deanna Gracie’s featured pendant. These pathways lead to a sparkling labradorite gemstone. A delicate golden koru nestles alongside a finely pierced fern form. These pieces depict, in an abstract way, how living in the moment and embracing small, special wonders found in the natural world can lead to a heart filled with aroha and joy. Deanna believes, if we enrich our own souls we are then able to enrich another person’s life.

It’s a cold frosty morning. I like the sound my boots make as I crunch through the ice. The mountains loom huge and white in the far distance, standing like a spectre against the bright blue of the sky. The sea makes a soft whish, whish, whish as it laps against the shore. The kingfisher sits still and silent in his cloak of many colours. My heart sings with Aroha….Deanna Gracie

Deanna Gracie is an artisan jeweller living and working in Southshore, Christchurch. Passionate about keeping an age-old tradition alive, her unique, hand crafted contemporary jewellery is inspired by nature and crafted by hand using time-honoured techniques.

The ‘Heart’ exhibition can be viewed at ConneXion Gallery, upstairs in Shop 27, daily from 10am – 5pm at the Arts Centre of Christchurch. Open 7 days. We hope to see you there.

Thanks for visiting – Deanna : – )

To view and purchase my designs visit my website at

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