Featured jewellery design #43 – Butterfly Pendant…


Golden korus …butterfly wings…pounamu stone … passion and love…worn with pride… a treasured taonga…..Deanna Gracie

My artist friend requested me to make a butterfly pendant for her as a commission. She paints beautiful butterflies and loves the symbolism behind them. So we got together, discussed some ideas and then she left it up to me to make something for her and this is the finished result. “Flying Free” pendant for Donna is inspired by nature and made by hand in sterling silver, 18ct gold and is embellished with a New Zealand pounamu greenstone. Donna loves the idea of butterflies symbolising freedom of flight.

“In life it is your choice to be whoever you want to be and you can if you take a chance to fly and live your life with passion!” Deanna Gracie

There are many other symbolisms associated with butterflies. For example in China, butterflies are deemed as symbols for beauty in old age when linked with plum blossoms. The Japanese regards butterflies as symbols of one’s soul, whereas two butterflies flying together are symbolic of a happy marriage. Ancient Aztecs believed butterflies to be the souls of warriors slain in battles, and that their fluttering wings were symbolic of energy and it is also no secret that from ancient days the butterfly has symbolized immortality.

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Deanna Gracie

2 responses to “Featured jewellery design #43 – Butterfly Pendant…

  1. THANK YOU DEANNA !You are Sooo Kind! I just wanted to pop in and tell you how much I LOVE !!!! my latest piece of jewellery, yet again it was easy to talk with you and explain what I wanted, you understood exactly and created the most beautiful Butterfly Pendent!!
    I highly recommend Deanna’s Jeweller or to anyone that wishes to have a piece of jewellery made just for them! Thanks again, cheers Donna 🙂

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