Jewellery Display…


I took an image of the latest jewellery display I have in ConneXion Gallery at present. I  compared this image with the one I took last year and realized I have much less on display!  Because of my collecting tendencies I find it hard  not to overcrowd – but judging by this photograph I think I have finally  overcome the urge. I’m much happier now with this less is more image : – )

… and here is a small part of the display on the second shelf down from the top : – )


Thanks for visiting : – )

Deanna Gracie

2 responses to “Jewellery Display…

  1. Félicitations ! This is a beautiful and precious display. A wonderful tribute to your art.

  2. Thanks Isa! I really enjoy creating a display – it’s fun deciding where each piece belongs in a grouping – whether I should place it by colour, type etc…

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