Featured jewellery design #44


I have just finished these cute little koru stud earrings. I chose to incorporate this gorgeous subtle texture into this design and as always they are hand made – in this case in very solid sterling silver. I love the beauty inherent in all things hand made – the tiny imperfections, the hint of tool marks…and isn’t it great to know your piece is the only one exactly like it in the world. I love being an artist – to choose which finish, texture, colour or metal to use in my designs. There are no mass produced castings to ever come out of my studio! Each piece of jewellery I create, I guarantee has been created with labour and love – both of these in equal quantities : – )

Koru stud Earrings by Deanna Gracie ©

Thanks for visiting : – )

2 responses to “Featured jewellery design #44

  1. Hi. just wonder the word “koru”, bacause it is a Finnish word with meaning all these: jewel, piece of jewellery, ornament, trinket, bauble, bijou.

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

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