Featured jewellery design #45


A year ago a traveller called in to my exhibition at the Arts Centre and had a fantastic selection of beads to show me. Although beautiful I couldn’t really see anything I wanted, as I don’t really feature beads in any of my jewellery designs so I said thanks but no thanks. Then he showed me his selection of ancient glass beads from Afghanistan. I loved the subtle colour range, the imperfections, the matt finish and the ‘ancient’ feel of them. He said they had originally been used as anklets. I couldn’t resist them so bought some strands and since then I have held these beads in my hands, run my fingers over them and admired the colours many times over the last year but couldn’t think of a way to use them. I wanted the beauty of the beads to shine through and not be overpowered by anything else. I finally came up with a solution and here is the finished result. I have used sterling silver in between the beads and kept the silver matt and I’ve also oxidised (blackened) some pieces for contrast. I have created five strands all together and have called them “Earth and Sky”.


“Earth and Sky” by Deanna Gracie – hand made necklaces created with sterling silver and ancient beads ©

A while ago I promised to take an image of the sexy new perspex display props I  found – so here are a couple of images of the necklaces on the bust stands. The stands are two different sizes : – )


Thanks for visiting : – )

6 responses to “Featured jewellery design #45

  1. Stunning, take a look at what has been dug up in a field her in the UK, over 1500 pieces of Anglo Saxon gold

    Cheek piece, fittings and zoomorphic mount
  2. There was a big mention in the paper here in New Zealand last week about the huge find!
    It’s amazing to think that jewellery and metalwork that old can still look so good : – ) Thanks for the link – it’s just fabulous.
    Deanna X

  3. Fabulous, all of it ! the beads and the history they carry within and the wonderful necklaces you created with them.

  4. Hi Isa!
    Thank you : – )

  5. You have another great Internet site , truly fabulous and your jewellery is beautiful.
    Regards Graham Black

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