Featured Jewellery Design #46 – Aotearoa Aroha pendant

.beautiful .natural .unique contemporary jewellery by Deanna Gracie

I wrote a poem illustrating some of the thoughts behind my “Into the Blue Nowhere” jewellery series.

Aotearoa – Aroha Pendant #11 from this series is created from sterling silver, 9ct gold, monel and garnet. I collected the feather from the beach here in Southshore and incorporated it into the design of this pendant. Perhaps the gull I mentioned in the poem left it behind on his journey into the blue nowhere?

All my jewellery is proudly designed and created by myself here in Aotearoa – New Zealand. Made from my heart and with my hand, no two pieces of jewellery can ever be exactly the same.


Into the Blue Nowhere

It’s a red sky sunrise!

High above the beach

a gull glides,

then soars,

and slowly disappears.

Out of the blue nowhere

I hear a faint haunting call,

then nothing but silence.

Waves reach high,

they hover,

then tip forwards

and gently fold over.

One floats towards me

as if in welcome.

It recedes and merges,

and disappears,

just like the gull,

into the blue nowhere…

Deanna Gracie ©

2 responses to “Featured Jewellery Design #46 – Aotearoa Aroha pendant

  1. Deanna, this is absolutely beautiful ! Unique indeed and so symbolic. A jewel like a souvenir of happy moments on the beach and a poem from your heart. All precious.

    • Thanks so much Isa – I really enjoyed creating the two aspects of this piece – the writing of the poem and making the pendant!
      I appreciate your lovely comments : – )
      … and I hope you’re having a wonderful week : – )
      Deanna X

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