More New Zealand native fern images….

I captured these images of this gorgeous fern in the garden outside the art room at Hagley High last week : – ) I know I have already shown you lots of different fern images but what I adore about the New Zealand native fern is that each image of each fern is always so different. I hope you enjoy these images taken at night using a flash.
Deanna Gracie ©

Fern Leaf - Deanna Gracie ©

New growth - Deanna Gracie©

New Beginnings - Deanna Gracie ©

2 responses to “More New Zealand native fern images….

  1. Excellent pictures of these amazing “creatures”. I understand why you like NZ ferns so much.

  2. The agree – fronds of the fern do look like creatures from another world – especially the last close up image – it was amazing to see them in the early evening light!
    Thanks for your comment Isa : – )

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