Featured jewellery design #47

Oak Leaf Brooch by Deanna Gracie ©


Down by the estuary I can smell Autumn

It’s in the air clean and sharp

and moist

I imagine the birds are rejoicing now

lined up by the shore

calling their songs to the waiting wind

With the Summer sun burning away

soon we’ll be left

with morning dew, falling leaves and the

intoxicating smell of Autumn

Deanna Gracie ©

Pictured image is of an oak leaf brooch I have created – inspired by nature and crafted by hand in sterling silver and heat patinated copper.
Thanks for visiting!

4 responses to “Featured jewellery design #47

  1. I may just have fallen, like a leaf for this brooch. It is beautiful.

  2. Thank you so much for the lovely compliment !
    Sending Happy Easter greetings to the your neck of the woods in the beautiful countryside of the North of England : – )

  3. Wonderful design and shades !

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