Autumn poem – word puzzle April 2010

Last weekend I had a group of art enthusiasts come to my studio for a visit so I could show them what I do and where I work. I wanted everyone to take something home with them as a memento of the visit – I love mementos! So I came up with the idea of imprinting parts of the Autumn poem I had written recently onto small organic shaped pieces of copper I had cut out and then I patinated (coloured)them. There were 26 pieces in all and on the back I imprinted the letter of the alphabet – in the order the pieces sat in the poem. I invited each person to take a couple of pieces and I asked them to write down the wording on the pieces they had taken in the book I had supplied. It was fun and I really enjoyed the delight they took in choosing the words that were right for them!


Down by the estuary I can smell Autumn

It’s in the air clean and sharp

and moist

I imagine the birds are rejoicing now

lined up by the shore

calling their songs to the waiting wind

With the Summer sun burning away

soon we’ll be left

with morning dew, falling leaves and the

intoxicating smell of Autumn

Deanna Gracie ©

Once they had departed I looked at the pieces left behind and wondered what I’d do with them. So yesterday I sat down and jiggled around with the words until they resembled another poem. My challenge was to use only the words I had and all of them – I didn’t want to leave any out!

Here is what I’m left with – A poem of sorts…..

I can smell Autumn

It’s in the air

and moist with morning dew

The birds are rejoicing now

calling their songs of Autumn

we’ll be left with the Summer sun

burning away soon………

Deanna Gracie ©

Thanks for visiting

Deanna Gracie : – )

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