I got up really early this morning and noticed a gorgeous shadow effect cast on the couch from some of my hanging copper wire  sculptures.

Beauty is everywhere – you just have to look : – )

Thanks for visiting!

Deanna Gracie

Shadow effect - Deanna Gracie ©

2 responses to “Shadows….

  1. Beauty is everywhere. I must agree that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Seeing the sunlight filter through the copper wire tells me that the most delicate of nature’s creations excites your spirit. I find that the same thing happens to me when I look at the sunlight filtering through a window playing tag with a universe of dust particles. Art is the creation of nature in our everyday world. Art is seen in the most tiny elements like blades of grass and the sweep and the shape of a fluffy cloud. The eye is the critical judge that tells the brain that we are pleased with the look of something. That art inspires us to create or copy nature. Sometime abstract thought takes over and we create images that are skewed of realism, yet coherently beautiful art . Art like the sun shining through copper wire creates the patterns etched deep in the artistic and creative psyche.

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