Wedding jewellery….

"Flight" Pendant - Deanna Gracie ©

I seem to be making a lot of wedding/ engagement, commitment jewellery recently. Love is still in the air and all around : – ) I see you thinking rings but no not this time! This time it’s a pendant called “Flight” and was commissioned by a lady from America. She had seen a similar one that I made about three years ago and she wanted one to wear for her June wedding. It’s lovely to know this pendant will be worn on such a special day!

“Flight” Pendant by Deanna Gracie is made by hand from sterling silver, titanium and gold.

Thanks for visiting : – )

2 responses to “Wedding jewellery….

  1. It is absolutely lovely, and the photo of it very good, with its soft shadows.

    • Thanks Birgitte – I appreciate your comments (and you) very much!
      I hope you have a lovely weekend…..It’s been quite cold here so I’m looking forward to avoiding the frosty morning and having a sleep in tomorrow : – )

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