Earthquake in Canterbury….

Thanks to everyone that’s sent messages asking if we’re all right here in Christchurch after the huge earthquake we had yesterday. Your messages mean a lot – we’re managing OK and hope the water comes back on soon.

Aroha from New Zealand

Deanna Gracie

Liquefaction on the estuary after this mornings earthquake.

I’ve never seen anything like this before dotting all over the sand on the estuary yesterday after the earthquake – I hope I never see it again though!

5 responses to “Earthquake in Canterbury….

  1. awesome photo Deanna, and its so good to hear you are doing ok, fingers crossed everything is back to normal real soon. We are thinking of you all down there and sending good vibes and sunshine your way 🙂
    Take care xxx

  2. I´ve been following the earthquake webpage today and seen all the aftershocks being registret little by little. I am surprised about the number. It must be exhausting not to know when the next will come, I can´t believe that you had much sleep! We have seen some TV photos of the damages at Christchurch this evening, it was told that no one was harmed,- what a luck. Please keep telling news about the situation. Take care.

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