Images from a place far away from here….

I’ve been slowly sorting through the many, many images I took while I was away and have picked out 300 I want to have printed. Some of these are inspirational, some are what I believe to be good compositions and some I just have to see what they would look like in hard copy. A hard choice it’s been believe me! This is one I took on the first evening in a land far, far away from Aotearoa – Milan in Italy!

Thanks for visiting!

Deanna Gracie X

Night shot of the Duomo - Deanna Gracie ©

2 responses to “Images from a place far away from here….

  1. Nice to see you back here again, Deanna. I hope you will tell a bit about your journey now and then, and also post some of your photos. It will be interesting to know what you have found inspiring or different from your daily life. If New Zealand and Denmark has a lot in common, as I have heard, I guess the lively Italian citylife, and the Italian kitchen could have been one of these things. Your photo is surely a good composition.

  2. Thanks Birgitte – What a great idea! I will do that – talk about an image – maybe one a week? It will also be a great exercise for my memory – as at the moment all the places we visited have tended to blur into each other. Even though I have seen some pretty amazing things – It’s always great to be home!
    Deanna X

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