Caterpillar in the garden…..

My lovely neighbour planted a swan plant and encouraged a brood of monarch caterpillars to make a home there. We’ve been watching them for a few weeks munching away and have both enjoyed taking images of their antics. A couple of them have formed into pupae and this one pictured is quite advanced – you can see the monarch colours through the green skin of the chrysalis : – -) We’re thinking it may hatch out soon.

Monarch caterpillar pupa - Deanna Gracie ©

… and this caterpillar can’t seem to stop eating – I think the hungrier they get – the closer they may be to turning into pupa! I love watching these fascinating creatures : – )

Monarch caterpillar - Deanna Gracie ©

Thanks for visiting : – )

Deanna Gracie

4 responses to “Caterpillar in the garden…..

  1. Deanna, love your photos!!

  2. Deanna, thinking of you after the terrible disaster that hit so many people of your city. I hope you are alright and stay strong. Take care.

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