After the February 22nd Christchurch earthquake – an update:

Dear friends and clients – thankfully we were unhurt and my home and studio didn’t suffer any major damage during the recent earthquake – in fact we used my wee studio as a place of refuge during the subsequent aftershocks that battered our city. 11 days later I feel ready and I’m now in a position to create again. I have picked up and put all my tools and workbench back in place and it feels wonderful to know I still have my little sanctuary in tact and it’s a safe space to create. I’m certain the very act of creating will become a major part of my healing process.

ConneXion – the beautiful gallery we worked so hard to rebuild is now behind the police cordon in the central city and unable to be accessed for quite some time. I still haven’t heard how Magma Gallery in Lyttelton fared but I’m hoping they and their lovely gallery are all right. I want to thank, from the bottom of my heart, everyone that has sent messages of love and support – they have meant the world to me in these very trying times. Although I couldn’t access the computer for the first week – I knew they would be there, waiting for me in my inbox and sure enough they were!

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss having your very own, special piece of jewellery created and you are still able to purchase jewellery through my website jewellery by Deanna Gracie Most of the jewellery on my website is still available for sale but please check with me first as it may be in one of the galleries above that I am unable to access at present. My email is

If you would like to find out how to order any of my designs through my website click on the jewellery image on any of the main pages through the link above and an email message will be sent direct to me! : – )

Thanks for visiting
Deanna Gracie x

4 responses to “After the February 22nd Christchurch earthquake – an update:

  1. All the very best Deanna,
    lovely to see that your safe and strong after such awfulness.
    onwards and upwards.

  2. Hi Deanna, so good to hear that you are fairly unscathed from the horrors of the earthquake. You are an inspiration – to already be contemplating getting back into your art – and so I shall join in with Monika and a heap of others and get myself back into painting (all proceeds to go to Christchurch) with the one thousand art hugs! Can’t wait to get going and begin my blank canvas. Had to comment and send aroha to you and your family. Thankfully our friends are safe also – still reeling after the tremors of recent days but they are getting by. I am still contemplating owning a piece of your jewellery in the future – just have to talk my dh into surprising me 🙂 🙂 maybe I need some strategically placed business cards of yours – since he doesn’t touch the computer or the internet? I shall leave your website page open on my computer for a while and see if that doesn’t give him a hint!!
    Anyway, just a quick one to wish you well – if you ever want to get outta town for a bit – come visit us – door is always open – my studio sleeps 3 or 4 (marae style) 🙂 kia ora…. na Sher xoxo

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