About Deanna Gracie

I’m Deanna.

In 1992 I followed my dream of making jewellery and soon realised that I had found my niche. Now the time spent in my studio is a wonderful journey of exploration and discovery.

I create works with contrasting colours and textures using layering techniques for a tactile, 3D effect. Sterling silver, gold, titanium, alloy metals and gemstones are my materials of choice.

Daily walks around the beach and estuary near my studio provide endless inspiration. The ocean in particular has a calming, meditative effect on my emotions and I enjoy translating these feelings into something tangible, lasting and beautiful.

I especially enjoy the handmade aspect of my craft. Hand-fabricated jewellery looks and feels really special because, I believe, the energy that passes from the maker to the object remains forever within the finished piece. I love the fact that something I have made with my hands and my heart can also be precious to someone else – that the piece they choose becomes an extension of their own personality, to be constantly worn and enjoyed.

My jewellery is available through my website at http://www.Deanna.co.nz


2 responses to “About Deanna Gracie

  1. The business card looks wonderful. I love the blend of colours and objects. Good luck on your venture, and all the best!

  2. Thanks Cendrine – I appreciate it : – )

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