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New Blog at

Exciting things have been happening behind the scenes at Deanna Gracie Contemporary Jewellery…. a brand new website which is AWESOME!


View unique New Zealand designer jewellery and learn more about how precious metals and gorgeous gemstones are coaxed by hand into amazing pieces of wearable art. Deanna Gracie provides an individual service, with an emphasis on quality, working with you to help choose or create a piece of jewellery that is just right for you. Come back regularly to explore the gallery and discover a world where jewellery and art fuse.

Which means I have decided to keep my website and blog all in one place  at  so I will no longer be updating this wordpress blog. So now in one place you will be able to find all my latest designs of nature inspired contemporary jewellery at

If you sign up to my newsletter on the homepage – you will be able to stay updated with invitations to exhibition openings, new work and sneak peeks behind the scenes in the studio at Deanna Gracie Contemporary Jewellery.

I’ll look forward to your visit!

Aroha Deanna Gracie XX




Stick Insect….

Look what came to visit a couple of days ago : – ) This stick insect sat there enjoying the last rays of the evening sun, while we took photos of him from different angles : – ) Right at the end of the “photo shoot” I noticed two small feelers appear. Stick insect – Deanna Gracie

and I couldn’t resist the vibrant orange and black of this monarch sitting on the verdant foliage way up high….

Thanks for visiting!

Deanna Gracie : – )

Thank you Birgitte….

What an amazing collage of beautiful images Birgitte has created…..thank you!

Deanna X

Caterpillar in the garden…..

My lovely neighbour planted a swan plant and encouraged a brood of monarch caterpillars to make a home there. We’ve been watching them for a few weeks munching away and have both enjoyed taking images of their antics. A couple of them have formed into pupae and this one pictured is quite advanced – you can see the monarch colours through the green skin of the chrysalis : – -) We’re thinking it may hatch out soon.

Monarch caterpillar pupa - Deanna Gracie ©

… and this caterpillar can’t seem to stop eating – I think the hungrier they get – the closer they may be to turning into pupa! I love watching these fascinating creatures : – )

Monarch caterpillar - Deanna Gracie ©

Thanks for visiting : – )

Deanna Gracie

Images from a place far away from here….

I’ve been slowly sorting through the many, many images I took while I was away and have picked out 300 I want to have printed. Some of these are inspirational, some are what I believe to be good compositions and some I just have to see what they would look like in hard copy. A hard choice it’s been believe me! This is one I took on the first evening in a land far, far away from Aotearoa – Milan in Italy!

Thanks for visiting!

Deanna Gracie X

Night shot of the Duomo - Deanna Gracie ©

Jewellery Article in Avenues Magazine….Oct 2010

All that glitters….

Fabulous article by Kim Newth with photos by John McCombe in Christchurch’s very own Avenues this month. Wow what an awesome experience I had! Thanks Avenues! …and thanks for visiting : – )

Deanna Gracie Contemporary jewellery

Deanna Gracie

all that glitters - Avenues Magazine


Aftershocks from the Canterbury Earthquake….

Yesterday I thought the aftershocks were lessening in their intensity but last night we got some really nasty jolts – no sleep for us here again! Water was back on yesterday which makes life easier. We can’t get into town to check how the gallery fared as it’s situated on the top floor of the old boy’s high building of the historic Arts Centre . The Arts Centre is unsafe to enter – it’s a waiting game at this stage while the engineers check everything out : – ( … and the aftershocks keep coming…..

We’re staying strong in spite of everything!

Trying to feel  calm while the birds on the estuary carry on as as though nothing has happened.

Thanks for visiting!

Deanna Gracie X