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Exciting things have been happening behind the scenes at Deanna Gracie Contemporary Jewellery…. a brand new website which is AWESOME!


View unique New Zealand designer jewellery and learn more about how precious metals and gorgeous gemstones are coaxed by hand into amazing pieces of wearable art. Deanna Gracie provides an individual service, with an emphasis on quality, working with you to help choose or create a piece of jewellery that is just right for you. Come back regularly to explore the gallery and discover a world where jewellery and art fuse.

Which means I have decided to keep my website and blog all in one place  at  so I will no longer be updating this wordpress blog. So now in one place you will be able to find all my latest designs of nature inspired contemporary jewellery at

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New Landscape Ring Commission – April 2011

Landscape ring view 1

Landscape ring view 2

This handmade landscape ring is now winging it’s way to a lovely lady in Australia. The brief was to design and create a ring that incorporated the ocean, the koru and a puriri leaf or blossom – in sterling silver with perhaps copper or lapis lazuli added – this is what I came up with in the end – I’m pretty wrapped with how it turned out : – )
To start of the design process I begin by drawing lots of different ideas – some I develop further and others fall by the wayside which is always part of the process. Below are just a few of the ideas that I came up with when designing this ring and I feel they show  a lot of promise – I’ll develop these  further still so they become workable pieces of jewellery : – )

Created from my heart and by my hand – no two pieces of jewellery can ever exactly the same…..
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Deanna Gracie X

Autumn poem – word puzzle April 2010

Last weekend I had a group of art enthusiasts come to my studio for a visit so I could show them what I do and where I work. I wanted everyone to take something home with them as a memento of the visit – I love mementos! So I came up with the idea of imprinting parts of the Autumn poem I had written recently onto small organic shaped pieces of copper I had cut out and then I patinated (coloured)them. There were 26 pieces in all and on the back I imprinted the letter of the alphabet – in the order the pieces sat in the poem. I invited each person to take a couple of pieces and I asked them to write down the wording on the pieces they had taken in the book I had supplied. It was fun and I really enjoyed the delight they took in choosing the words that were right for them!


Down by the estuary I can smell Autumn

It’s in the air clean and sharp

and moist

I imagine the birds are rejoicing now

lined up by the shore

calling their songs to the waiting wind

With the Summer sun burning away

soon we’ll be left

with morning dew, falling leaves and the

intoxicating smell of Autumn

Deanna Gracie ©

Once they had departed I looked at the pieces left behind and wondered what I’d do with them. So yesterday I sat down and jiggled around with the words until they resembled another poem. My challenge was to use only the words I had and all of them – I didn’t want to leave any out!

Here is what I’m left with – A poem of sorts…..

I can smell Autumn

It’s in the air

and moist with morning dew

The birds are rejoicing now

calling their songs of Autumn

we’ll be left with the Summer sun

burning away soon………

Deanna Gracie ©

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Deanna Gracie : – )

Married Metals

I had a fantastic time in Australia at a Summer School in January practicing a technique called married metals. This technique involves cutting out shapes from sheet metal (in my case 925 silver) then replacing the cut out shape with a different coloured metal or metals. These metals are then all soldered together, filed and sanded back smooth. It is a really subtle but very beautiful effect. I have just finished one piece I started at the Summer School and it will be featured along side three other pendants in the’Inscape’ exhibition in March. Pictured is my first finished piece of married metal entitled ‘Longing’ by Deanna Gracie.

married4.jpg  As well as jewellery making the Summer School covered a wide variety of Craft and Art disciplines including collage, wood turning, puppet making…. It was great to be surrounded by creative people passionate about their chosen field, all in one place at one time to learn, expand their horizons and have fun! I met some wonderful and really clever people there.