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New Landscape Ring Commission – April 2011

Landscape ring view 1

Landscape ring view 2

This handmade landscape ring is now winging it’s way to a lovely lady in Australia. The brief was to design and create a ring that incorporated the ocean, the koru and a puriri leaf or blossom – in sterling silver with perhaps copper or lapis lazuli added – this is what I came up with in the end – I’m pretty wrapped with how it turned out : – )
To start of the design process I begin by drawing lots of different ideas – some I develop further and others fall by the wayside which is always part of the process. Below are just a few of the ideas that I came up with when designing this ring and I feel they show  a lot of promise – I’ll develop these  further still so they become workable pieces of jewellery : – )

Created from my heart and by my hand – no two pieces of jewellery can ever exactly the same…..
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After the February 22nd Christchurch earthquake – an update:

Dear friends and clients – thankfully we were unhurt and my home and studio didn’t suffer any major damage during the recent earthquake – in fact we used my wee studio as a place of refuge during the subsequent aftershocks that battered our city. 11 days later I feel ready and I’m now in a position to create again. I have picked up and put all my tools and workbench back in place and it feels wonderful to know I still have my little sanctuary in tact and it’s a safe space to create. I’m certain the very act of creating will become a major part of my healing process.

ConneXion – the beautiful gallery we worked so hard to rebuild is now behind the police cordon in the central city and unable to be accessed for quite some time. I still haven’t heard how Magma Gallery in Lyttelton fared but I’m hoping they and their lovely gallery are all right. I want to thank, from the bottom of my heart, everyone that has sent messages of love and support – they have meant the world to me in these very trying times. Although I couldn’t access the computer for the first week – I knew they would be there, waiting for me in my inbox and sure enough they were!

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss having your very own, special piece of jewellery created and you are still able to purchase jewellery through my website jewellery by Deanna Gracie Most of the jewellery on my website is still available for sale but please check with me first as it may be in one of the galleries above that I am unable to access at present. My email is d_gracie@ihug.co.nz

If you would like to find out how to order any of my designs through my website click on the jewellery image on any of the main pages through the link above and an email message will be sent direct to me! : – )

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New Works on Display at ConneXion Gallery, Christchurch – August 2010

I have four lovely, new jewellery designs on display in the latest exhibition at ConneXion Gallery, upstairs in the Arts Centre of Christchurch during August. One of the pieces is a necklace made from ancient glass Afghanistani beads, interspersed with small handmade silver beads and sparkling, tiny glass beads. The gorgeous and varied colours within each bead of this necklace remind me of Papatuanuku – Earth Mother. Another piece in the exhibition – “New Beginnings pendant” was inspired by a perfect leaf I found beneath a tree on one of my walks recently. I achieved the beautiful, iridescent colours on the sterling silver and raising gilding metal with extreme heat. The four evocative pieces in the exhibition, reminiscent of nature have all been created in natural earth tones. Made from my heart and with my hand no two pieces of jewellery can ever be exactly the same.
Deanna Gracie Contemporary jewellery
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New Zealand Designer Wedding bands…2010 – Deanna Gracie

I created these wedding bands for a lovely couple – they wanted Aotearoa (New Zealand) reflected in their rings – so I incorporated the koru and some lovely Pounamu (greenstones) into their ring designs. Made from my heart and with my hands no two rings can ever be exactly the same : – ) Thanks for visiting!
Deanna Gracie : – )

Greenstone Ring Commissions - Deanna Gracie ©

Editorial – Metropol February 2010

Hans from Metropol came around to my studio and interviewed me for an editorial about my upcoming exhibition Moana Whenua.

Thanks Metropol!

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Editorial in Metropol Magazine November 2009

An editorial in the latest issue of Metropol – thanks Metropol : – )

It’s a great magazine and you can now read it online http://www.metropol.co.nz

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Featured Jewellery Design #46 – Aotearoa Aroha pendant

.beautiful .natural .unique contemporary jewellery by Deanna Gracie

I wrote a poem illustrating some of the thoughts behind my “Into the Blue Nowhere” jewellery series.

Aotearoa – Aroha Pendant #11 from this series is created from sterling silver, 9ct gold, monel and garnet. I collected the feather from the beach here in Southshore and incorporated it into the design of this pendant. Perhaps the gull I mentioned in the poem left it behind on his journey into the blue nowhere?

All my jewellery is proudly designed and created by myself here in Aotearoa – New Zealand. Made from my heart and with my hand, no two pieces of jewellery can ever be exactly the same.


Into the Blue Nowhere

It’s a red sky sunrise!

High above the beach

a gull glides,

then soars,

and slowly disappears.

Out of the blue nowhere

I hear a faint haunting call,

then nothing but silence.

Waves reach high,

they hover,

then tip forwards

and gently fold over.

One floats towards me

as if in welcome.

It recedes and merges,

and disappears,

just like the gull,

into the blue nowhere…

Deanna Gracie ©