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A fabulous editorial in Zest today…

Thanks Zest and thanks Kim Triegaardt for the fabulous editorial in Zest today….

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New Works on Display at ConneXion Gallery, Christchurch – August 2010

I have four lovely, new jewellery designs on display in the latest exhibition at ConneXion Gallery, upstairs in the Arts Centre of Christchurch during August. One of the pieces is a necklace made from ancient glass Afghanistani beads, interspersed with small handmade silver beads and sparkling, tiny glass beads. The gorgeous and varied colours within each bead of this necklace remind me of Papatuanuku – Earth Mother. Another piece in the exhibition – “New Beginnings pendant” was inspired by a perfect leaf I found beneath a tree on one of my walks recently. I achieved the beautiful, iridescent colours on the sterling silver and raising gilding metal with extreme heat. The four evocative pieces in the exhibition, reminiscent of nature have all been created in natural earth tones. Made from my heart and with my hand no two pieces of jewellery can ever be exactly the same.
Deanna Gracie Contemporary jewellery
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Embrace exhibition at ConneXion Gallery – April 2010

Here is the poster and press release for the Embrace Exhibition : – )

ConneXion Gallery is embracing all things precious in the latest exhibition of contemporary jewellery by six local artists upstairs in Shop 27 at the Arts Centre of Christchurch during the month of April.

Highlighted in Embrace are the beautiful designs of Southshore artist Deanna Gracie. Organically shaped leaf heart forms from her Aotearoa Aroha series celebrate her profound love of the land and of the sea. Created by her hand and from her heart in subtly textured sterling silver, gold and copper and embellished with gorgeous gemstones – these evocative pieces imbued with a sense of peace and harmony are unique and precious jewellery to wear and adore. Be sure not to miss Embrace…

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Deanna Gracie : – )

Editorial – Metropol February 2010

Hans from Metropol came around to my studio and interviewed me for an editorial about my upcoming exhibition Moana Whenua.

Thanks Metropol!

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Deanna Gracie : – )

Jewellery with Heart on display in Christchurch during September….


Evocative, heartfelt designs from Deanna Gracie’s “Pathways to Aroha” series are on display in the ‘Heart’ exhibition at ConneXion Gallery during the month of September. Overlapping pathways have been imprinted onto a solid, sterling silver organic heart shape in Deanna Gracie’s featured pendant. These pathways lead to a sparkling labradorite gemstone. A delicate golden koru nestles alongside a finely pierced fern form. These pieces depict, in an abstract way, how living in the moment and embracing small, special wonders found in the natural world can lead to a heart filled with aroha and joy. Deanna believes, if we enrich our own souls we are then able to enrich another person’s life.

It’s a cold frosty morning. I like the sound my boots make as I crunch through the ice. The mountains loom huge and white in the far distance, standing like a spectre against the bright blue of the sky. The sea makes a soft whish, whish, whish as it laps against the shore. The kingfisher sits still and silent in his cloak of many colours. My heart sings with Aroha….Deanna Gracie

Deanna Gracie is an artisan jeweller living and working in Southshore, Christchurch. Passionate about keeping an age-old tradition alive, her unique, hand crafted contemporary jewellery is inspired by nature and crafted by hand using time-honoured techniques.

The ‘Heart’ exhibition can be viewed at ConneXion Gallery, upstairs in Shop 27, daily from 10am – 5pm at the Arts Centre of Christchurch. Open 7 days. We hope to see you there.

Thanks for visiting – Deanna : – )

To view and purchase my designs visit my website at http://www.deanna.co.nz

Footprint – new jewellery exhibition – March 1 – 31 – 2009

I have been very busy and will have four brand new designs on show in Christchurch during March. Here is the poster press release for Footprint – new jewellery exhibition: – )


‘Footprint’ highlights four lovely new designs made by Christchurch
jewellery artist Deanna Gracie. Silver jewellery with delicate feathery
imprints, embellished with gorgeous gemstones and golden korus
feature in this latest group exhibition at ConneXion Gallery. These
striking designs from Deanna’s ‘Aotearoa,Aroha’ series celebrate
her deep love of the land, sea and most especially her home in

Deanna is inspired by simple pleasures found in nature during her
daily walks along the beach and estuary. These experiences are
then translated into beautiful and unique pieces of contemporary

“Bare feet, soft sand, scorching summer sun, gentle lap, lap, lap of
cold water. The haunting call of a gull, cool ocean breeze. I am
Deanna Gracie

‘Footprint’ will be showcased at 10.00am on the 1st of March at
ConneXion Gallery, upstairs in Shop 27 at the Arts Centre of
Christchurch. ‘Footprint’ will then run for one month until the 31st
March. ConneXion Gallery is open daily from 10am – 5pm. We
hope to see you there.

Fresh – new jewellery exhibition – February 09

This is the poster and press release for

‘Fresh’ – new jewellery exhibition
February 1- 28

Stunning contemporary jewellery can be seen at ConneXion Gallery, upstairs at the Arts Centre in Christchurch, New Zealand during February. ‘Fresh’ combines the work of six jewellery artists and highlights four lovely new designs made by Deanna Gracie. Deanna designs and creates her naturally New Zealand inspired jewellery from her home studio in the beautiful beachside suburb of Southshore, Christchurch. Delicate flower and leaf forms pierced from softly textured silver are set against vibrantly coloured, indigo blue titanium. Made from her heart and with her hand, Deanna’s ‘Regeneration’ pieces are inspired by the freshness of new beginnings and how magical things found in nature can keep life in perspective.

‘A mighty tree casts cool shadows against the clear blue sky.

Vibrant colours create joy in the silent garden.

A bird bursts into song.

My spirit soars’

Deanna Gracie