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New Blog at http://www.nzjewellerydesign.com/news-blog

Exciting things have been happening behind the scenes at Deanna Gracie Contemporary Jewellery…. a brand new website which is AWESOME!


View unique New Zealand designer jewellery and learn more about how precious metals and gorgeous gemstones are coaxed by hand into amazing pieces of wearable art. Deanna Gracie provides an individual service, with an emphasis on quality, working with you to help choose or create a piece of jewellery that is just right for you. Come back regularly to explore the gallery and discover a world where jewellery and art fuse.

Which means I have decided to keep my website and blog all in one place  at http://www.nzjewellerydesign.com/news-blog  so I will no longer be updating this wordpress blog. So now in one place you will be able to find all my latest designs of nature inspired contemporary jewellery at  http://www.nzjewellerydesign.com

If you sign up to my newsletter on the homepage – you will be able to stay updated with invitations to exhibition openings, new work and sneak peeks behind the scenes in the studio at Deanna Gracie Contemporary Jewellery.

I’ll look forward to your visit!

Aroha Deanna Gracie XX




After the February 22nd Christchurch earthquake – an update:

Dear friends and clients – thankfully we were unhurt and my home and studio didn’t suffer any major damage during the recent earthquake – in fact we used my wee studio as a place of refuge during the subsequent aftershocks that battered our city. 11 days later I feel ready and I’m now in a position to create again. I have picked up and put all my tools and workbench back in place and it feels wonderful to know I still have my little sanctuary in tact and it’s a safe space to create. I’m certain the very act of creating will become a major part of my healing process.

ConneXion – the beautiful gallery we worked so hard to rebuild is now behind the police cordon in the central city and unable to be accessed for quite some time. I still haven’t heard how Magma Gallery in Lyttelton fared but I’m hoping they and their lovely gallery are all right. I want to thank, from the bottom of my heart, everyone that has sent messages of love and support – they have meant the world to me in these very trying times. Although I couldn’t access the computer for the first week – I knew they would be there, waiting for me in my inbox and sure enough they were!

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss having your very own, special piece of jewellery created and you are still able to purchase jewellery through my website jewellery by Deanna Gracie Most of the jewellery on my website is still available for sale but please check with me first as it may be in one of the galleries above that I am unable to access at present. My email is d_gracie@ihug.co.nz

If you would like to find out how to order any of my designs through my website click on the jewellery image on any of the main pages through the link above and an email message will be sent direct to me! : – )

Thanks for visiting
Deanna Gracie x

I’m away from my studio until mid October 2010….

My studio will reopen in mid October – until then please keep well, safe and happy!
Kia kaha
Deanna Gracie X

Jewellery Show at Skycity July 2010……

Deanna Gracie Contemporary jewellery display Skycity

Thanks to everyone that came to the jewellery show at Skycity! I met some fabulous people and had an awesome time : – ) Some of the comments I received blew me away…..all in all it was a great success! Here’s an image of my display for those that couldn’t make it : – ) I still have few pieces left – check out my website.

Deanna Gracie Contemporary jewellery

Thanks for visiting!

Deanna Gracie :- )

Featured Jewellery Design #20

Whenever I’m working at the Arts Centre in Christchurch I look out the window and see the most glorious sight of a beautiful ginkgo tree. I love to observe this mighty ginkgo tree through each changing season and this wonderful tree inspired these “Rebirth” earrings.

The Ginkgo tree is a phenomenon, an object of veneration, a sacred tree of the East, a symbol of unity of opposites, yin yang by some seen as a symbol of changelessness, possessing miraculous power, bearer of hope and of the immeasurable past, a symbol of love.

Made from hand and heart in sterling silver, titanium, 18ct gold and measuring 14mm x 12mm. These earrings are hung from safe earring locking clasps and are for sale for NZ$205+ P&P

Thanks for visiting : – )

Rapture Exhibition – New Jewellery September 2008

September and the arrival of spring brings a brand new exhibition of contemporary jewellery to ConneXion Gallery in Christchurch. Rapture also includes the latest designs by Southshore jewellery artist Deanna Gracie. The recipe for Deanna’s Aotearoa/Aroha series was conceived by placing the warmer tones of copper and red gold against the cooler tones of softly textured silver. Deanna combines these coloured metals onto the natural shapes she designs and then finishes each piece by hand, polishing glistening highlights or adding gemstones for contrast.

ConneXion Gallery, Upstairs Shop 27, The Arts Centre, Christchurch, New Zealand – September 1 – 30

Image as pictured Aotearoa/Aroha Pendant #7 by Deanna Gracie – is made from married metals of sterling silver and copper and is set with a garnet. This pendant hangs on a 45cm stg silver snake chain (not pictured) and measures 18mmx17mm and is available for sale for NZ$275+P&P

Thanks for visiting and I hope you visit again soon!

Back to Earth Jewellery Exhibition – June 2008

This is the mini blurb for the next exhibition I will have pieces in.

June’s group exhibition at ConneXion Gallery includes the latest original jewellery by Christchurch artist Deanna Gracie. These four contemporary hand made jewels from her Artefact series celebrate her deep love of nature. Each unique piece has been gently coaxed to life by Deanna, using subtle colour contrasts and textured finishes including silver, gold, titanium and gemstones.

ConneXion Gallery, Upstairs Shop 27, The Arts Centre, Christchurch, New Zealand

Artefact Brooch as pictured is hand made in sterling silver,18ct, 9ct gold, monel, titanium, and labradorite. It measures 46mm x 28mm

Thanks for visiting!