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Stick Insect….

Look what came to visit a couple of days ago : – ) This stick insect sat there enjoying the last rays of the evening sun, while we took photos of him from different angles : – ) Right at the end of the “photo shoot” I noticed two small feelers appear. Stick insect – Deanna Gracie

and I couldn’t resist the vibrant orange and black of this monarch sitting on the verdant foliage way up high….

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Deanna Gracie : – )

More New Zealand native fern images….

I captured these images of this gorgeous fern in the garden outside the art room at Hagley High last week : – ) I know I have already shown you lots of different fern images but what I adore about the New Zealand native fern is that each image of each fern is always so different. I hope you enjoy these images taken at night using a flash.
Deanna Gracie ©

Fern Leaf - Deanna Gracie ©

New growth - Deanna Gracie©

New Beginnings - Deanna Gracie ©

Photography and what a face!

I went for an early morning walk this morning – I didn’t really go by choice as it was bitterly cold, hailing and raining hard but the lonely dog next door waits for me to take him and I couldn’t let him down : – (

Anyway we got to the beach side of our walk and I found a weird piece of wood. I took it home and had to take a photograph of it! It’s shaped like a cone- but flat on top –  but what struck me as unusual when I picked it up was the odd looking face on one side! What do you think of it?

“Wooden face” by Deanna Gracie

Birthday Flowers…

I took this image of some birthday flowers – just beautiful and the textures!!!




I know this isn’t a jewellery image but a lot of the jewellery I create is inspired by birds, migration and flight so I just had to share this beautiful feather.


‘Light’ by Deanna Gracie


and this one entitled  Floating by Deanna Gracie


I had fun playing around one day and took these images of an urchin – Underwater#1 by Deanna Gracie


Underwater#2 by Deanna Gracie


Underwater#3 by Deanna Gracie