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Stick Insect….

Look what came to visit a couple of days ago : – ) This stick insect sat there enjoying the last rays of the evening sun, while we took photos of him from different angles : – ) Right at the end of the “photo shoot” I noticed two small feelers appear. Stick insect – Deanna Gracie

and I couldn’t resist the vibrant orange and black of this monarch sitting on the verdant foliage way up high….

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Deanna Gracie : – )

Stick Insect…

Look what I found sitting on the window inside the conservatory this morning! It wasn’t such a good spot for this wee fellow’s natural camouflage. He (or she) blended beautifully back into the foliage of the rose bush when we carefully carried him back outside. He must have been hungry as he looked like he was nibbling one of the petals : – )

long skinny legs….he sways to and fro….reticulated insect….with his garden camouflage….